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Thomas & Friends Talking Thomas & Percy Train Set

Thank you Fisher Price for sponsoring this video and review!

We were paid by Fisher Price to make a video about this Thomas and Friends Talking Thomas & Percy Train Set. And we are so thankful for that opportunity! This is such an awesome set and our son William played with it non-stop for 2 days straight!

The coolest feature about this set is how Thomas and Percy communicate! They know where the other is on the track, so they don’t crash and they are able to chat and respond to each other! Here is our affiliate link to check out this train set

Little engineers can help Thomas and Percy deliver mail and other cargo to Bulstrode. They can also work together to load and unload boulders at the Blue Mountain Quarry.

The set comes with talking Thomas and Percy, who both have their own cargo cars. It also comes with Bulstrode who can dock at Brendam Docks. Thomas and Percy recognize each other and chat with each other as they chug around Sodor.

The only negative we found in this train set was not being able to crash the trains! Our videos tend to feature a lot of train crashes and these trains outsmarted us! They were so aware of each other that we weren’t able to get them to crash too often! But otherwise we absolutely loved this set!

Check out our video below, and let us know what you think of this awesome new set!

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