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Trackmaster Super Cruiser Race Set

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

It’s another race day!

Today at Kids Toys Play we combined the Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Thomas and Percy’s Railway Race Set with the Thomas & Friends Super Cruiser. We also used risers we had from various older Trackmaster sets that we have.

This was a huge Trackmaster set up for us, we had to use all three tables!

We start off with the beginning portion of the Trackmaster Railway Race Set.

We used some of the risers we have from other Trackmaster sets to get the tracks up to the Super Cruiser.

Once you get back down from the Super Cruiser we have the double track from the Railway Race Set.

Here is a closer look at how we have the risers set up coming down off the Super Cruiser.

And here we’re going up into the Super Cruiser. If you have any questions about this or other set ups please don’t hesitate to ask!

Below is the video of our races on this fun track!

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Which set was the green split/swinging bridge part of?

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