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Thomas Train Turbo Races!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

(This post includes affiliate links.) Here at Kids Toys Play we sure love to do Thomas and Friends races! A great twist on classic races is adding some Turbo Thomas trains!

To create these race tracks we usually combine a few Thomas trackmaster sets, the most important being the Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Railway Race Set (fun fact: this was the first Trackmaster set we ever purchased for our channel!)

The Railway Race Set has a great starting line which also pops up a flag for the winner.

This is our starting line and winners flag from the Trackmaster Railway Race Set.

We also use the Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Turbo trains and sets. They are special trains that speed up or slow down when they drive over the special turbo boosters.

Trackmaster Turbo boosters on the track.

Our Turbo boosters come from the Thomas and Friends Turbo Jungle Set and you can also find the Trackmaster Turbo Boosters with Thomas.

The track in all its glory!

It took about one hour to build. The turn around point is also an important part from the Trackmaster Railway Race Set.

One of our bridges with the Great Race sign is from the Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Over Under Tidmouth Bridge. We also have a ton of risers from various Thomas Trackmaster sets we have collected over the years.

Our racetrack is Josie approved!

Check out the latest Thomas Trackmaster Turbo Races below! And let us know if you have any questions!

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Hi you can delete your trains in cbr3 by clicking the hammer button and diesel does not have one for some reason

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