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Intelino Smart Train

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

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Wow parents do we have a new train product for your little engineer!

We recently came across Intelino Smart Trains, which are these amazing trains help teach STEM and coding skills while kids play. And they are compatible with wooden railway tracks we all know and love!

The Intelino Smart Train comes with its own track system, which is easy to put together and has slots for the “action snaps”. The Intelino track has “easy click“ joints and it’s sturdy enough to stay level on our carpet.

Intelino sells wooden track adaptors that allow kids to integrate the smart trains with most wooden railway tracks. There are some limitations with using Intelino on wooden tracks, hills are an issue, but overall we found it to be very compatible with the various wooden tracks we have.

The Intelino Smart Train bring a new level of play with the colorful action snaps, and the train comes with 17 preloaded commands that work right out of the box. Our son William quickly used the instructions to figure out how to command the Intelino train and he had most of them memorized before the end of the day!

The action snaps give simple commands such as speed up, slow down, stop, etc. For more advanced users, you can create your own command using the Intelino app.

William loved using the app to control the train and it basically turned into a remote controlled smart train!

As parents, we love that the train can be used as a coding toy by itself and that the app can be an additional level of play.

Intelino also has a special website called the Intelino Lab dedicated to Activites, Lessons and Programs that can help enhance the learning opportunities this little train has to offer.

As homeschooling parents we are super excited to use the Intelino train and the extra resources to help us teach STEM and coding to our kids.

If you would like to learn more about these trains check out and you can use promo code KIDSTOYSPLAY10 to get 10% off your purchase (offer cannot be combined with other offers)

You can also purchase Intelino Smart Trains on Amazon:

Intelino Smart Train Starter Set -

Intelino Track Extension Pack -

Intelino Wooden Track Adapter Kit -

To check out our full video review of this fantastic train click on the video below!

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