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Thomas & Friends Super Cruiser and Cave Collapse

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Kids Toys Play recently partnered on a paid sponsorship to bring to you the Thomas and

Friends Super Cruiser and Cave Collapse sets! The new sets based on episodes from Thomas and Friends Season 23 introduce two new characters, Stefano from the Super Cruiser and Darcy from the Cave Collapse set, each sold separately.

Check our our video below where Kids Toys Play built our longest track ever! We had a lot of fun with these sets and are super happy to share with you!

These two sets are sold separately in stores now, just in time for Christmas. We do love how the Super Cruiser is made to be compatible with all your Thomas and Friends collections including Trackmaster, Minis and Thomas Wood.

Meet Thomas' new friend, Stefano the Super Cruiser™! He's a transport vehicle and track set all in one. You can roll him to the excavation site and then remove him from the base so he can get to work. There's an attachable working winch and additional tools for Stefano and plenty of room on the deck and inside the base to store over 40 engines! Use the included track pieces to race train engines down the ramp, and attach to other Thomas & Friends™ sets. With over 35 pieces, you can create up to four track layouts. There's even a removable helipad for Harold the helicopter (sold separately) that

doubles as a track riser! Comes with 3 train engines: Thomas (TrackMaster™ die-cast push-along), Nia™ (Thomas & Friends™ MINIS), and Percy (Thomas & Friends™ MINIS).

Cave Collapse: The Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster Cave Collapse brings the Thomas & Friends™: Digs & Discoveries™ episodes from Season 23 to thrilling life! Thomas is ready to excavate, and teams up with his new friend, Darcy the digger, to get the job done. Turn the crank to take Thomas up the mine shaft elevator. When he gets to the top, he drops down on top of Darcy! The motorized Thomas engine rides on top of Darcy, and powers the digger along. Darcy's rotating digging attachment knocks down boulders as the pair ride through a crumbling cave! The boulders are released when children turn the mineshaft crank. Thomas and Darcy make a dynamic, digging duo...and kids control the action!

Let us know what your thoughts are on these new sets! We love hearing from other Thomas and Friends fans!

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