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EnterTRAINment Junction - Butler County, Ohio

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

This past summer we were invited by Butler County tourism to come check out Ohio and spend some time at one of the coolest indoor train exhibits, EnterTRAINment Junction. We jumped on the opportunity and now are dreaming of going back!

Click below to check out our video of EnterTRAINment Junction!

EnterTRAINment Junction is a train enthusiasts dream, and a great place for all ages! Not only are the train displays intricate and amazing, but there is a lot of entertainment for the youngest of Thomas train fans!

Our tips for getting the most out of your trip to EnterTRAINment Juction:

  1. Plan at least 2 days. There is so much to see and take in, you will be rushed to do it in one day. Plan for 2 days and let your kids play and enjoy the kids areas!

  2. Check the schedule when you arrive. Certain activities and Thomas train rides happen at scheduled times throughout the day. Check the schedule when you arrive and plan accordingly.

  3. Bring socks! The indoor play area requires kids to wear socks, play ahead and be sure to bring some socks for your kids.

  4. Eat in! EnterTRAINment Junction has a lovely cafe on site, you can take a break for lunch and not worry about leaving to find food.

  5. Enjoy it! Each train exhibit has so many neat things to notice and see, there are also some characters to find. Don't rush and just have fun with your kids checking out all the neat displays!

If you've been to EnterTRAINment Junction please let us know what your tips are for spending the day at this magical place!

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