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Wooden Railway Train Stair Build

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Kids don’t try this at home!

Adults if you try it be warned, your stairs are going to be unsafe for a few days! Our kids loved this setup and did not want it taken down!

This was on one side of our stairwell and went up into our train room.

The layout started off at Tidmouth Sheds.

This was the other side of the setup and ended up at Vicarstown Station.

The end of the tracks at Vicarstown Station.

Looking down from the Vicarstown Station side.

What connected the two sides on the landing.

View from the top of the Tidmouth Sheds side.

For this track build we used wooden railway tracks from a variety of brands including Thomas and Friends, Imaginarium and Brio.

Most of our buildings and destinations are official Thomas & Friends brand. The various risers are mostly Imaginarium and the hills are a mix of Thomas & Friends brand (although a few are quite old) and Imaginarium.

If you want to watch the video for this awesome stair build check out the video below!

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Hard to tell who's having more fun Dad or the kids😀

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